My dad is pretty old. He looks really good for his age. Looking good for your age is something that is in the genes. Alzheimers is also something that I am told runs in the family. At least when he is running around the old folks’ home with his cock in his hand he won’t be too wrinkled and letting the side down.

  My father may be fairly older than me, but my uncle (related to me by marriage [also went to school with Osama – BOOM] ) was born when his father was 73. I don’t know if that is common in Arab families, I would appreciate it if someone were to let me know. My sister is ten years younger than me, and doesn’t know our dad anywhere near as well as I do. It is quite an amusing situation, because my sister is intelligent and hard working and entirely unimaginative. She will go on to be a doctor or lawyer or something equally boring and wealthy and respectable. She will be just kicking everything off when he kicks the bucket. He won’t get to see her greatest achievements, wonderful house, family etc. I, however, am far more interesting. I’ll be living in a rented home when I’m 45, there will be less a family and more a woman that doesn’t love me and children that live far away and I don’t see often, will be poorly paid and eclipsed by my siblings and a general failure. Fortunately, I will continue to show promise for another several years, and by the time that I am tied to the track to a middling existence my dad will pushing up daisies and my mum will still be working in Asda and my grandparents are all already dead so it won’t matter.