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There is a moment in every man or woman’s life when they think back on something in the middle of some horrible sexual frustration and think, “oh my goodness why did I not do that? She’s a lovely girl with a great bum and I was brutally finger fucking it. I could have totally taken advantage of her; she needed what she thought was love and I needed to buttfuck her. All it would have needed was a little more time. Why do I have to have a conscious? Damn my parents for raising me so well.” Or, “why did I not fuck that nurse in the ass when she was begging for it? Yea, she had no self respect at all and seemed to exist only to please a man (daddy issues?), but I could totally have persuaded her equally messed up identical twin to get involved. Why oh why did I have to have been sleeping with that wonderfully self-respecting, strong, feminist woman right before?”.

  I used to occasionally have those moments. I’m over it all now though. I’ve left all those scruples and morals bundled up in a box in my dad’s attic. Hello debauchery. Next up: how far will a fresher go?


Anal sex seems to largely be a thing for girls who want to be liked and have low self-esteem. This is based on a very small sample and a few insinuations. It may not be true. There may be a whole horde of strong, independent women who love willies up their bumholes. 

This isn’t talking about men being anally penetrated, because there is a perfectly sound biological reason for a man putting a willy, fleshy or prosthetic, up his bottom. 




It seems like a lot of these posts are about sex. I don’t really have anything else to think about.