Considering the amount of time that I spend at the library, and the number of foreigners and females that come in, I should really try and pick them up.

Oh, yes, yes I am reading a book about why I shouldn’t kill myself. Yes, it is very cerebral; I am like that you know. I am also writing a play that I shall put on when I return to Europe. You came here to use the free internet? Yes, it is very handy. You know, I live in Northcote and am simply too indie  to pay for the internet so I am here all of the time. I am paid far below minimum wage and can barely be said to work more than part time. Yes I work illegally. It is like something out of Orwell’s journalism, you are right. I am so delightfully bohemian and down and out and interesting and poetic and creative, I’m so glad that you get me. Yes my Apple laptop did cost $1500, thankyou for noticing. I know this really arty junky dive bar, you would love it. You should come and meet my arty friends. We can smoke some ice and have an orgy, what do you say?