I don’t really think that this is peculiar to my generation. It has happened throughout time. But with the gift of a free and open internet which allows everyone to share and promote themselves and their talents, it seems that the majority of all the Dicks and Fannies out there and in here see this as an opportunity to share and promote themselves and their talents, and often for various shitty institutions that are about for prestige and money and being cool.

Whatever happened to art and artistic integrity and love and beauty and truth? God is dead and they are all slowly following him out the door. Society is horrible. People are horrible, precisely because they could be so great. If humanity were to co-operate we could save ourselves and not have little kiddies starving and dying and living in mud huts whilst we have other kiddies being dj’s and gigging and taking photographs of all the lovely beautiful things and fermenting ‘cool’ like faeces.





My mum reckons I look especially really good in this t-shirt (I look good in anything because I’m really good looking).