After watching a bit of porn, I totally reckon that I could build up quite a decent stable of women that I’ve pushed into pornography/prostitution. It’s something that I touched upon in a previous post, with regards to setting my sister up. The difficulty there is, though, that my sister is one of those feminine bodies that won’t take any shit from me. My mother is another of them. But there are two kinds of women! Yes, there are those that jump into porn and enjoy it, and there are those that are shoved, and don’t enjoy it.

You can see it in their faces. You know that after the shoot there are some women that will have only semen in their eyes, and there are some women that will have tears as well. Some women obviously love sex and exhibitionism and embrace their positions in society, whilst others, however achingly beautiful they may be (inside and out remember ;] ), are so horribly insecure about themselves that they need a gentle push in the right direction.

So, having studied the (not always so) young women in these videos and having thought about the myriad women I have known, so beautiful and wonderful and sad and insecure, this would be a natural field in which to begin my ascent into the world of those who matter. If I want to successfully reach my goals of power and influence, of wealth and prestige, then abusing and exploiting other people is what I have got to do to get there. Abusing and exploiting vulnerable women is simply the best way to go. The trade in women is a bull market. It’s doing ever so well. I wouldn’t go into slavery, bear in mind that it is only one part of the trade. Wage slavery is much more effective.

I want to make something of myself. I want to build something. I want to get into the private clubs. I want to be in politics. I want to revolutionise porn. Like Pirates, but better. More art. More thought. It is a good place to begin displaying my greatness.

Besides it being a good place to invest, women are wonderfully easy to come by. You don’t need a loan from the bank for starters! Look around you: they’re everywhere! If you can take women from somewhere like Afghanistan or India, where their lives are so much cheaper, and take them to Darwin or Anchorage, you can make big big bucks. It’s something to look at in the medium term, but to begin with you can simply befriend any and all women worth paying for (and there are all kinds! it takes all sorts to make the world). Determine that they’re one one of the weak, tragic characters so desired (Oh Tess, Tess! you should be in my stable, not dead in jail), and then get them going! It shall be easy. When I think back upon the number of people that I have known like that .. missed opportunities my dear. But no longer.

The one issue to bear in mind is not to be a cruiser. A firm and heavy hand is what is needed. An iron fist in a silk glove. To be a “cunt” is necessary to be successful in this modern age. It truly is a jungle out there. And people say we’re civilised! Yes, yes we are. We are ever so soft. That is why the “cunts” of the world get ahead. It’s the “cunts” that are somebodies. If you don’t want to be abused, you’ve got to use. Some might say that it’s better to be pleasant than smart, but being pleasant doesn’t pay for the grand lunches and houses; not unless your cunt is pleasant as well.

Aside from the whole money thing and the power that goes with it, there’s also the thrill of such domination over another human being. It is so good to see some women so totally debased.