I was discussing substances such as fluoxetine and the way they’ve become the doctor’s favoured weapon in this great new struggle against all kinds of mental issues. This young bloke has been on it since he was 13 and was prescribed it at pretty high levels for his anxiety, and is now struggling to break his dependence on it. Poor guy, he’s having a few problems with it, bad side effects and all. When I was on it I was fucking most every night. Doug Stanhope has some things to say about prescription drugs.


I was at work last week wearing ‘my’ QOTSA Rated R t-shirt, and this guy came up to me and started banging on about how awesome QOTSA are and how great Rated R is, and said his favourite song is Better Living Through Chemistry. He was a pretty cool guy. He wanted to swap t-shirts with me, but I told him to get to fuck. I have only known of two people having this shirt. One fellow, V- managed to tear it up somehow. The other, N-, lent me the one that is now mine, as I was covered with needles after we had trimmed his grandfather’s hedge trying to earn some money so we could go to a festival and find some 16 year olds to run a train on. Sucker. He’s never getting it back.

The two threads tie in.