This is, according to Facebook, the time when young students receive their results and find out if they’ve been accepted into the university of their choice, or if they just weren’t good enough. There are lots and lots of young people fighting to pay more and more for fewer and fewer places. It’s funny how you can work (is it really working?) for years and come out with a piece of paper that many many others will also have. A few of these pieces of paper will be useful, but a lot of them won’t really be worth very much. It may be more useful to get a trade afterwards, instead of stealing jobs in bars and restaurants from older teenagers. You could join the RAF and learn some engineering whilst helping to bomb brown people, then come out after a few years and get a job on some Australian offshore joints, one month on one month off, earning hundreds of thousands and fishing for yellowfin tuna off the back of the rigs in your spare time.

Maybe I’m being unfair. I probably am, but let’s not forget all those people going off to college, to do vocational courses. It’s almost as if it’s all about university, and polite society doesn’t think much if you don’t have a degree. One brother’s just got into an HND at college, and another brother stuffed up his exams and didn’t do quite as well as he was hoping. He only got the same results as me. Nobody in my immediate family has been to university. That’s not going to change any time soon. I’m not bitter.