Some kind of cousin of mine met her. Apart from being dead fit she’s also dead short.

That’s a nice little introduction I think. A nice titbit of information for you all. I know you’ll appreciate it. I hope it makes up for not throwing you anything recently. It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it. I’ve been too busy binging on high fantasy and righteous anger generated by the burning and looting of London to give much of a damn about entertaining you with this daft blog. It barely entertains me. I would much rather be watching The Wire or Sons of Anarchy or Skins 1&2 or internet porn (can’t right now, the cleaner’s here) or Top Gun or Blackadder. One must imagine that I enjoy it.

But I’m done with the fantasy for now, unfortunately. It’s wonderful how it takes you out of this tedious, miserable, mundane life. I tore through my borrowed copy of Lord of the Rings and then the first book of A Song of Ice and Fire. I received a dozen other books from Amazon at the same time, but they’re all histories and novels and other such uninteresting things. Did you know that it was cheaper to buy the first 4 books than books 2, 3 & 4 off Amazon? It means that I’ll have two copies of A Game of Thrones, but I’m sure my cousin would like it. He seems to be quite into all that dungeons and dragons fantasy kind of stuff. It makes me wonder how he ever got a girlfriend. But I wonder the same about myself and various other people I know. It’s strange, isn’t it. Some females must just be stupid, or masochists.

This means, though, that I’ve got to find ways to occupy myself in the vast expanses of time when I’m not slowly killing myself at work. There are several copies of The Hobbit around, and a set of Harry Potter books, all of which I have in audio form. Robert Inglis reading The Hobbit is wonderful. I love the way he sings the songs the elves are singing when they arrive at Rivendell.

I’ve read these all numerous times. I fancy something different. So here I am. I have 20 hours of The Wire to work through as well. I think I’m doing quite well.

One of my brothers was telling me how he had his first run in with a woman. He’s 17. I was quite surprised to find this out. He had previously told me that he’s never had a wank. What kind of teenager doesn’t masturbate :s Even homosexuals must do it. But the fact stands, he was getting it on with a girl. A girl! At least someone in the family is. Turns out she was just an evil bitch though, and he didn’t quite fuck her. I asked if she at least gave him some decent head, but he just said “facepalm” (we were speaking via Facebook chat – how else are you expected to communicate). I don’t know what this means, probably that it was shit. Poor lad. He was going on about how he wanted to see her terribly hurt and down in the dirt. I told him about how there was an evil woman I knew who ended up in love with my friend and was terribly torn apart by him. My brother liked that a lot. But then I told him that I didn’t actually care. Isn’t that funny. But then, caring isn’t cool.

My other brother is a different kettle of fish. He got his exam results the other day. He didn’t do as well as he was hoping, mainly because, I think, he is lazy and arrogant (runs in the family?). He got the same results as I did, which I am quite pleased about. Both of our cousins on our mother’s side got stupid amazing grades in all their exams and went on to the best universities (same one actually), so my brother not doing so great makes me look no so bad. Three 1’s and five 2’s. What wasters. Still, better than the other brother. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s not allowed to do all the subjects he wants at the level he wants. It’s all about the stats innit. Education is a funny thing.

I was talking to a fellow I met in a club, a student at a red brick university, most likely studying some wanky subject (man I can’t wait to be there), who was arguing ferociously for British involvement in Libya. One of my friends was busy arguing with one of his friends, because my friend had something about one of their friends, a French girl, wanting to get fucked, or being up for it, or something. Our third friend was busy getting off with her. HAHAHAHA if only that had worked out. The French know what to do with aristos. But anyway, this bloke’s argument I can’t remember. It was obviously a good one. His dad was some kind of moneyed person, didn’t have to worry about money. I wasn’t worrying about money either, but that might have been due to the several hours I’d spent in the pub beforehand. Me and the French guy managed to jump the queue and then I bought everyone drinks. What a nice bastard.

But back on point. It always amuses me when people who have the money to ignore the fact that the government has pulled the funding for your whole faculty advocate the spending of billions of pounds on the deaths of brown people far away. What is more amusing is when people don’t have the money and advocate the spending of billions on the deaths of far away brown people. I suppose this also relates to people supporting a deeply dishonest and crooked organisation. Funnily enough I was reading a book by a mean little man, and he goes and says

when I see an actual flesh-and-blood worker in conflict with his natural enemy, the policeman, I do not have to ask myself which side I am on.

  (a lot of the people in London weren’t even workers, just dole scum squandering my hard earned taxes – nothing in common with anyone else is there) Yes, support the Met Police! What does it matter if nobody has been held accountable for one of the hundreds of deaths that occurred in their custody in the past decade or so? What does it matter if a number of their members and leaders have been shown to be criminals and crooked? Not much really.

The police are doing a difficult job.

Yes, it is difficult isn’t it. It is difficult to bend people to your will.

See how many police officers it takes to stop and search the black chap? He could be dangerous! The charge that they are abusing the powers is rubbish. The cameraman was clearly asking for trouble. Everyone knows what the police are like. They’ll have a dig whenever they can if you give them an opening. I also don’t see any laws saying that they can’t do that. It’s amazing what a bit of terrorism can achieve.

The police have a right to occupy an area if they see fit. Absolutely right. This right originates from a few men and women in a far remote location, that are removed from the people of an area by more than geography. But what if a whole load of people come and tell the police to go away?  Authority must be respected, regardless of where it comes from. That’s confusing isn’t it. Much easier to just go along with the compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission, ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality and the elite, dismiss the rest as hippy marxist anarchist rubbish and make some money and buy a house. Maybe money does get your happiness surer than things like principles and thinking and all that bullshit. I don’t know. Happiness isn’t really a place you visit for very long.

I definitely want to be one of the elite. If this blog goes well, it could open up any number of doors. I just don’t want to be poor scum, and would ideally like to earn 1/8 of a million pounds a year. I would rather 1/4, but I’m not too picky.

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