Doesn’t it make you proud to be British?

I’m so glad that I’m thousands of miles away and my home isn’t in danger of being burned down. I may be poor, but my friends aren’t. I always live sufficiently far away from the centre and the poor areas. I am a fan of the status quo, and I probably voted Lib Dem.

The behaviour of these folk is simply disgusting and inexcusable. What need do they have of a burnin’ and a lootin’? Burning out buses and attacking people’s business’ and homes. It’s despicable. These scummy members of society should return to their council estates and keep on occupying themselves with sniffing glue or whatever else they spend their dole money and income from selling drugs on. Can they not be happy with the welfare that our taxes pay for, if they can’t be bothered to go out and find a job?

You should all join this group. The Police do a great job of protecting us, that is what they are to do. Help them punish these criminals. They deserve nothing more than a cold prison cell and prison gruel.

What do they think they’re going to achieve? Do they want to get anything out of it except some Jaffa Cakes and DVD’s? Surely they should head to the police stations and the banks and Oxford Street etc. That would make much more sense.

I fell in love with a half Mexican/half Native American girl. Unfortunately her boyfriend was really cool.