Br4infart is creeping up to 150 posts. It’s been described as “in very poor taste” and “disgusting”. I don’t have an opinion about that. The views will judge whether it’s acceptable or not though, won’t they. It must be remembered that this blog is entirely factual and everything included is entirely true, such as the following story. I understand that this is know as “keeping it real”, as they say in hip-hop.

I met a girl and we came back to where I was staying to watch a film, relax, have fun, you know who it is. We were on the sofa when I had barely started stroking her leg, or thereabouts, when she entered a state of great agitation, whimpering quietly “don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me”. I was then faced with a fairly obvious choice. I could either tell her that I am very gentle and kindly and loving (ask around), or I could take her into a well lit bedroom and hold her all night long in my big strong arms, soothing her as she struggled with whatever was going on in her mind, keeping her sage as she fell to sleep. I chose the latter; I do not know if simply I have not reached the stage of being aroused by such fear and power, and that will come later, or if I was caught in an odd spot, between clear-headed sobriety and mean intoxication, in either of state of which I would have had no qualms at all. As it was, I didn’t know what was happening in the film we were “watching”, let alone what was happening in reality. Maybe this is just what I get for being such a nice guy. As if I’m a “nice guy”. Maybe this is why family members joke that a short, fat, blonde dog is my girlfriend. If only it were a woman, and not a canine. Do not be too hasty in judging. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.