I unfortunately can’t get URLs because the iMac is not currently running Safari properly. There’s a great picture to go with this. A friend did send me this toilet guide from the Glastonbury Festival however http://wp.me/pmldS-tp

Christopher Shale’s death in a portaloo backstage at the famous Glastonbury Festival can only be a good thing. This is the Conservative and Unionist Party coming together with Glastonbury Festival to remind all of us critics that they are still relevant in our modern age, and haven’t lost touch with the middle classes. A few years ago it was a chance for Glastonbury and the middle class, highbrow, journo types to show that they know what hip-hop is and they enjoy it! How diverse their music tastes are.

Keeping it real is what it’s all about in the music industry and in politics. A dead Tory official in a backstage toilet can only mean that both Cameron’s Tories and Glastonbury Festival are as real as it gets. They’re the real deal. This blows Isle of Wight/Labour/Lib Dems/Reading&Leeds/TITP out of the water for sure. Middle aged Tory sellouts can party with the best of them, and Glastonbury is the place to be to party with middle aged sellouts.



I’ve also been told that the other good type of tory is a suppository. I’m sure Renton would agree?