This now has well over one hundred views. Congratulate yourself. Congratulate all of your friends that you’ve shown this to. Pat everyone on the back. Give everyone a big hug and a wet kiss.

Someone said it was well written, as if that was a surprise. There’s a reason that the one half of my English coursework that I completed was awarded the highest mark possible.

But anyway, people obviously want to know what I have to say. I have  to plenty to say, so this is very good. I’m positive that everyone who comes across Br4infart will love Br4infart. It’s in touch, it’s real, nothing’s faked. It is life and the world as it happens. It is hugely popular amongst those in the know. You would think that it’s a ditch the way that the tasteful kids are digging it.

This leads me to ask – what kind of person would call the author boring?

I know the answer though. The kind of person who would call the author boring is the kind of person who would ignore a friend request on Facebook. A rude and boring person. I mean, the author has nothing to give except their personality and all that worthless stuff. The other person has only physical things to give. It’s almost like buying friendship, the way their love has to be bought. That’s really sad.

I realise that it looks pretty bad, talking shit about this person to the whole internet, spreading it over two posts as well. It must seem like I really dislike this person, but that’s not true. I really am quite ambivalent in regards to this individual. They’re relatively harmless, and where they live is most convenient. I’m resigned to the fact that I’m never going to be their Facebook friend. They made a comment about my news feed being dead boring, but they’re missing out big time. The number of compliments I’ve had about my Facebook activity! Theirs would be boring, the silly person. As if I don’t have enough people talking absolute balls all over my Facebook. I just do this to make my friends laugh really.