This blog has been viewed 84 times! Rounded up to the nearest hundred, that is 100 views! 4 of them today! I’m told that there is a lot of hype out there concerning this blog. I just hope it doesn’t get done for libel and I end up getting knobbed in prison by men. Someone also told me that they read the first post and thought “this guy is going to commit mass genecide”. This isn’t the message I was trying to send, but the work takes on a life of its own and it pulls me after it. I have no way to stop it. The inner workings of my mind are a mystery to me.

The fact that I am a mystery to myself is why I picked up the book “Understanding Jung, Understanding Yourself”. The hope was that it would tell me what was wrong with me and how I could fix it without having to share the pain inherent in such realisations with a stranger, or having to go through the lengthy and embarrassing  process of having someone tell me what my problems are for a great deal of money that I don’t have. Instead it leaves me to do all the hard, painful work by myself.

Even though I haven’t learned anything about myself, I have learned something, and am now able to spout off psycho-babble to confuse and amaze as and when I see fit. It’s another string to my bow. I’ll try and dazzle some Aussie/Mancs girls, see what happens.

The main reason for this post, though, is to complain. What kind of person doesn’t accept someone’s friend request on Facebook? The least you can do is send them a message. I mean, you’d have to have had a very poor upbringing to act in such a rude way! And then you’d have to be an enormous hypocrite to accuse the person reaching out their hand in friendship of being rude! It’s such a shame when mummy and daddy don’t show you love, and I don’t mean in various trips away or free drugs or anything like that. Money can’t actually buy you love. The size of your house or the type of computer you own or the size of your drug habit or the cost of your education, all funded by pater and mater, is not an indicator of how much you’re loved. Christ, if it was, I wouldn’t be loved at all!

Also, paying someone’s cab fare because the journey was taking too long/going the wrong direction/whatever simply indicates a feeling of solidarity with the working man, yea. It’s not because you’re liked, or anything like that. It just means you’re good for sex/drugs/video games/a place to stay. I’m not bitter at all, I don’t dislike you, I have nothing against you. I just need more Facebook friends to spread this about. Tell all your friends!