I told my friend that I started a blog. He asked me for a link to it, which was a bit tricky because the URL along the top isn’t there. I guess that’s what comes from using an iMac/Safari. I then asked him if he started his blog, as he had previously told me that people had told him to write a blog about all the funny things he says to stupid (mainly Australian?) people that he meets in La Paz, Bolivia (that’s where he lives, because we are cultured, middle class youths). He told me that he hadn’t, and he wasn’t going to. He then said, and I quote,

“my opinion of blogs /
I think that he types like this because he is cool like that and it highlights the fact that he is down with the kids. Also, I feel that it is really unfair, as he is implying that blogging is a stupid and worthless thing to do. Some people make a living by being right-wing bigots. All they have to do is sit in front of their computer and tell people about how the liberal media and socialised healthcare is sending the country down the toilet, throwing in bits about how the liberals’ rights should be restricted whilst complaining about the governments’ attacks on common sense and all that rubbish.
  This is what I would like to do when I grow-up. Partly it will mean that I won’t have to grow up. It will also partly mean that I won’t have to try hard at anything, or put any effort into anything, or commit to anything.
  So shame on you my friend that said that. I am very hurt. We can’t all run away to South American countries or sunny Western Europe or engage in free-for-alls at country festivals (the time’s not right). Some of us are stuck in Australia and have no friends and for us there is no other way to express ourselves. My camera is out of battery and I broke 2 strings on my guitar.
In breaking news Ryan Dunn is dead. 
We all suffer for our art.