I was browsing a list of ‘interesting statistics’ (source @justicefacts), with some of them being:

  • Every year 210 employees faint inside of their costumes at Disney Theme Parks because they’re not allowed to take off their costumes.
  • McDonald’s has fired 150 employees in 2010 for giving leftover food to homeless and needy people.
  • 83% of women who follow the fashion industry feel terrible about their bodies and self-image.
  • In 1980 CEOs made 42 times as much as workers, in 1990 they made 85 times as much, in 2000 they made 531 times as much.
  • The more a woman watches prime time television shows the more she is dissatisfied with her body and self-image.
  • 98% of films played in cinemas around the world are produced and manufactured in Hollywood, completing the cycle of cultural hegemony.

when I came across this – “Girls are sold into sex slavery for as little as $200 in Thailand.”

First I thought that with my sales experience I could sell a girl, such as my sister, my daughter, my niece, a friend’s daughter, my sister’s friend, a girl off the street etc. into sex slavery elsewhere for a sum much greater than $200. There will be wealthy individuals that would pay a pretty penny, especially for a girl like my sister. Oh, she has the most beautiful, two-toned, red and blonde hair, the cutest little nose, the loveliest freckles! (enough of the sales, that’s not for the public)

Then I realised that with my business acumen (I did a few modules in it – it was nothing really, and you never know when it will come in handy – my parents are successful businesspeople, and I’ve watched every series of The Apprentice, US + UK) and my people skills (I love them) I could easily force my sister into sex slavery myself  and make a lot more in the long run than a measly $200. I could even gather myself a stable and make $2zillion+.

That’s all very good and well for someone like me; a Brit (I don’t want to be, but I am) with a basic, (relatively) decent education and a lifetime of watching American and British television and films. A lot of these Thai men, though, have probably had a very poor education, if they’ve had an education at all, and most likely can’t afford a tv, even if they can afford a can of  Coke or a good time with a ladyboy.

All the more reason, then, to head along there and set myself up in business. After all, if you’re a reasonably well off Western fellow on holiday in a Southeast Asian country, you’re going to want to be dealing with another charming Western gentleman, such as myself. Also, how many rich Thai gentlemen will have ever tasted a delicacy even approaching the sweetness and succulence of my sister, as described above?

I may not have A-levels, or a university degree, or a trade, or any of that nonsense, but I at least have the potential to go places, typically undesirable though they may be.