Right, look at this! Isn’t it just amazing. There are so many people out here on the internet, each of us feeling as if we’ve got something to say. And here we all are, on the internet, where we can say whatever we want!

Please keep on reading my blog though. I don’t mind that you’re all just idiots, I still love everybody. I’m just not so keen on you.. But keep going, please there’ll be something worthwhile at some point, there must be, otherwise why would you do it? There are lots and lots of other people doing exactly what I’m doing, but I’m special. I am unique!

I’m a lovely funny guy with a heart of gold deep under it all, I’ve got lots of time for you all. Keep on coming. Maybe I’ll tell you about something I like, or something I’ve done or that has happened to me. Maybe I’ll tell you about something that I don’t like! I’m sure that you would like that. At some point you might laugh or be thankful. I never will be though. I can’t smile, unless I make myself smile. Nobody and nothing else can make me. It’s a very rare condition.

Keep on reading. It makes me look good to all my friends. I know it’s hardly groundbreaking, but not everybody can be that outstanding whatever, can we now boys and girls. Although maybe I’ve not said it before, or you’ve not heard it.. As if you had anything more worthwhile to do anyway.

I’ll put something worthwhile up tomorrow, I swear, just keep coming back. I’ll say something worthwhile eventually.